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Two of my kiddos needed another jump-start on healthy eating. Spring is the perfect time for this as more and more fresh fruits and available at a great price. My son specifically asked for a chart with 8 cups of water on it! He hates drinking water, so I jumped on it to add any encouragement for him to drink more fluids.Healthy Eating Charts - Simply Fresh

Besides increasing our water intake, another thing we are doing to eat healthy is to replace crackers and cereal snacks with fresh or freeze-dried fruits and veggies. Fresh is amazing, but I don’t always keep it stocked up and prepared for on-the-go snacks.fruit-num-num

Right now, until March 21 is one of the best sales for Thrive Foods. March Madness is going on and everything is on sale up to 50%. You can order on this sale (while supplies last!!) until March 21.


Some of our favorites (we’re newbies at this or I know we’d have more favs!):
Sliced Strawberries
Apple Slices

I’m excited to try (upon recommendations from friends):
Instant Milk (best instant milk out there people!)
Freeze-dried Yogurt bites
Coconut Snackies

They have:
big cans (#10 food storage size) …
pantry cans (if you want just a little to try) …
or Snackies size (for on-the-go).

One of my favorite ideas Thrive has is the Q.
This is an automated shopping Queue that helps you stock up on food storage a little at a time.
So if you set your budget to $50+/month, it will add items from your queue to send each month set on that budget.
You can plan ahead and edit the lists, but it’s a good way to stay on top of food storage needs.
Sure, it would be nice to spend $2,000 on a bunch of food storage, but in my world, that’s not going to happen.
Little by Little.
SIMPLE stocking up.

Here’s to Healthy Eating this Springtime!

Hearts Bound Together

Red hearts hanging over grey wood background

Family Tree Print

Recently, I’ve been reminded of the importance of connecting with our ancestors.
Our connection to them is eternal.
Knowing their photos, their lives, their triumphs, and challenges can strengthen us.
I believe they are cheering us on from the spirit world
in hopes that we will endure to the end as they tried to do.

Because of my desire to share my ancestor’s lives with my family,
I decided to redesign my family tree prints to display in my home.
I wanted to share them with y’all to display in your home.
Your family will have the opportunity to become more familiar with ancestors.
Didn’t we all love to go to grandma’s and see the pictures of ancestors from the olden days?
We are bound together with them in ways we don’t understand.
As our children learn more about those who came before them,
they can gain a greater respect for their family name and moral responsibilities
as a member of that family.

Anyhoo… on to the fun photo part…

*New* in the etsy shop today.

Digital Family Tree Prints
Custom & Design your Own

This 4-generation tree is my favorite. Those photos from the early 1900s are splendid. I LOVE my family!
I’m working on gathering photos of my husband’s side of the family so we can hang ours side-by-side.
Custom Family Tree Digital File ...

Custom Family Tree Digital File ...

Please see individual listings for more details about the Custom & Design your Own Family Tree listings.

Also Updated: Simply Fresh Designs Etsy Store Policies which also explains more about buying and downloading digital files.

#shareGOODNESS print


This new #shareGoodness Print is based on a message shared by David A. Bednar’s “To Sweep the Earth as with a Flood,” BYU Campus Education Week devotional, August 2014.

This print will help remind youth and adults alike to use social media in a positive way.
It shares ideas for ways to Shine your LIGHT!

Display this print in your home.
Use the print as a handout to accompany #shareGoodness video during family devotional,
seminary or institute classes
youth weekday activity
or Sunday Lesson.

“Elder David A. Bednar has invited us to #ShareGoodness through social media. Every time you post simple, genuine messages and links, you help lift and strengthen those who see them. Counter negative posts with positive ones. If a friend is down, say something to cheer them up. Post links to articles and videos that reflect your values. Create your own stories that show that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ. Highlight the good in every situation. Speak from the heart. Be yourself.”

#ShareGoodness Tips

1. Use your own genuine voice and pictures.

2. Be positive as you share the goodness from your own life.

3. Respect the rights of others.


You will receive (9) #ShareGoodness 16×20 prints in .jpg form. (colors shown)
(can easily be cropped to the following sizes 11×14, 8×10, 5×7, 4×6)


Healthy Eating Charts for Kids

Many moons ago one of my healthy-eating sisters had this idea for a fridge-chart to encourage kids to eat more healthy foods each day. I ran with that idea and eventually came up with this next set of free downloads.

{There are 2 downloads links… click on the main chart images to download the zipped folders … or find the download links at the bottom of this post}

This chart is especially for Littles (age 2-5). The idea is to encourage them to eat various healthy foods each day. I laminated the 8×10 chart. Laminated all the 4×6 food circle sheets, trimmed them to circles. You can attach the circles to the chart once the child has tried that food. Use mounting putty or velcro dots to attach the circles. Every day… or every meal (whichever applies!) remove the circles and start over.

My kids enjoyed finding the food circle and sticking it on. This system helped my 3-year-old try Quinoa (this was a HUGE deal!!!) It helps us keep things positive and fun at dinner-time.
Healthy Eating Charts for Kids only at

Healthy Eating Charts for Kids only at

I soon realized that many circles of food and many children = lots of possible circles on the floor + not enough circles of same foods for my 6 kids unless I printed them each a set which = yet, even more circles all over my house. So… to simplify (and also for use for my older tweens), I included our most-likely-to-eat foods on one chart. I laminated these charts and we can use wet-erase markers or stickers to mark foods eaten for the day/week.
Healthy Eating Charts for Kids only at

I would recommend using these charts for a few weeks at a time when your kids need a little extra encouragement to eat those healthy foods! Long-term, I imagine they will lose their zest and become monotonous for little kiddos. So… hide them away, and bring them out in a few months when fresh produce is available in-season.

Free Download links:
8×10 Super Food Chart for All Ages (Little circles)

8×10 Super Food Chart for Littles (ages 2-5)

*** Thanks to Kate Hadfield for the Doodle People and accompanying images. She has given me permission to share these as a freebie with ya’ll. Thanks Kate! (p.s. Go check out all her cute doodle images that have oodles of uses!)

*Disclaimer… I realize this is not a complete list of healthy foods… and perhaps some would disagree on how healthy some are. If you find you need other foods, I have included a few extra blank large circles so you can add your own foods that fit your family’s health needs and wants. Please share ideas in the comments and perhaps I’ll make a version 2 to share.

Go Forth and Eat Well!

Now Available: ‘Family Rules’ and ‘Love At Home’ Print

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’ve updated the ‘Family Rules‘ and ‘Love at Home‘ digital files and they are now listed in the Simply Fresh Designs Etsy Shop. Wahoo… Happy End of Summer to you!
family rules

Celebrate Freedom … America!

America Prints Digital Download - 9 in all! I love our United States of America! I love our history … the courage shown … the inspired founding fathers … the truth battled for… the freedoms supported by the Constitution.

I wanted to create some prints to celebrate America, especially to commemorate Independence Day! Let’s teach our children about WHY we LOVE the United States of America! Let’s step back and teach some of the history!

We the People Constitution Preamble! (one of my new favorites!!)
The Gettysburg Address! Map of U.S. on Stripes!
Freedom Quote!
Map of United States on Stripes!

These prints are now up in Simply Fresh Designs Etsy Shop. Use Coupon Code FREEDOM10 for 10% off anything in the shop throughout the entire month of July! July 2015 Coupon Code... Simply Fresh Designs Etsy Shop ... Digital Prints at a great price!

Etsy Shop OPEN!!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.53.02 AM
Simply Fresh Designs Etsy shop is now open!!!
After 1 1/2 years, I decided to open it back up.
My wee babe is 10 months and adds to our busyness.
But there are good things happening in our life! (amidst all the challenges, as always!)
Head on over to the Etsy Shop.
I’ll be adding some items in the next few days …
… think Americana LOVE!

Happy Summer!

Update on Simply Fresh Designs: December 2014

My etsy shop has been closed since January (I was slammed with some major morning sickness).
We spent the summer keeping 5 kiddos busy and I spent a lot of time at doctor’s appointments for non-stress tests, etc.
Scotland Charles Smith was born August 28 and things went relatively smoothly (all things considered).
We are so grateful to have this 6th little one in our family.
Newborns throw in an added busy-ness to a family and we are still adjusting.

I was hoping to get my etsy shop open for Christmas, but sigh….
I need to continue focusing on my family and all my time (plus, all the time I don’t have) is reserved for their needs.
4x6 2014 christmas card black_lighter

BUT … the good news is that you can now download all FREE Simply Fresh Designs Items (including quiet books with images) via DropBox.. Hopefully things will be easier to access now.

Merry Christmas Friends!
Thanks for your patience with all we have going on around here!

p.s. I am hoping to sneak in some time for 2015 Primary & YW theme posters. Check back soon.
And if that doesn’t happen, check pinterest… there are oodles of darling ones shared by others.

Announcing Baby #6

announcement #6
The main reason I shut down my etsy shop: having a hard time keeping up with technical support when not feeling well with all-day morning sickness. We’re excited for our new addition. Perhaps this summer I’ll get the shop reopened if I’m up to managing everything. Thanks for your support!
we can do hard things with god