Up… down… and all around

This is my life lately.
The digital subway art store has been up for a week. Yay!
But as of today we took the store down. Boo!

But a little thing called PREECLAMPSIA has entered my life in my 34th week of pregnancy. Hence… I’m slowing down… way down. A dear friend reminded me that it’s easier to say NO to things when you have something inside strongly saying “YES!” to other priorities… as in YES to healthy mother/baby/family. We’ll see how things go, but I’m not planning on doing much on Simply Fresh Designs until the late fall. Check back before Christmas and we’ll see if we can have a few things up and running.

Update on Quiet Books: A lot of you have asked if I can email the quiet book images to you. I’m afraid this still violates the Church’s Terms of Use (transmitting electronically). Boo! The good news is that my husband has started submitting some of the quiet books for church approval… so I’ll let y’all know how that goes when we hear back from the Intellectual Properties Department.

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  1. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Good luck with the baby/pregnancy. We pray that everything goes well. And we will be crossing our fingers about the quiet books. 🙂

  2. JaNae
    JaNae says:

    Yikes on the pregnancy thing…that’s a long time for mom to be our of the action! Hope all goes well!

    Just a quick missionary story for you. I sent your quiet books to a local store to print. I had previously saved them to my computer so feel so lucky to still have them! When I told the lady my name she got animated and excited and asked me where I had found the pictures. She’s a working mom of two young children and said it was exactly the sort of thing she needed for her kids. I pointed her to your website but was sad that the quiet books wouldn’t be there anymore. I know lds.org has lots of good resources too but I wished so badly that the quiet books would still be there for her!!! Fingers crossed for future developments!

  3. Delina
    Delina says:

    I hope all goes well with your pregnancy!! Get lots of rest and we will be excited to hear about your new one in the coming months 🙂 Thanks for sharing you great talent with us!!


  4. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    Take care of yourself and your little one – it will all be worth in the end. I was on strict bedrest with all 3 of my pregnancies, and it certainly is hard when all your other kids need to be taken care of. But somehow the time passes and it’s worth it to do all you can to keep your baby safe!

    I too am super sad about the quiet books. Downloading them was on my to-do list, and I was a little too late! I had an idea that if you ever wanted to, you could remove the pictures from the psd files (if you still have them saved in psd files) and let people download them that way. Then we can go to the church website and get the pictures ourselves and add them for our own books. If that doesn’t work, I would love to hear any tips you have on creating digital files like that in photoshop (I have PSE). It doesn’t seem like it would be too tricky once you figure out a few of the basics. I really really want to create quiet books like yours for my kids but definitely am a beginner when it comes to digital stuff!

    Thanks for your inspiring blog – I totally relate to the ups and downs of being a mom, mostly realizing that I am the one that needs an attitude adjustment 🙂 The quotes and ideas you share always help me want to do better, so thanks for sharing.

  5. Martha
    Martha says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you’re down & out! Hope things stay stable with your pregnancy and you’re able to get some R & R. You’ve got your priorities right…. take care of you & your family first and we’ll look forward to seeing you again the fall. Thanks for always keeping us updated. Love your stuff!!

  6. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    How sad! My Aunt had them and told me to look at your website. If you do get them approved can you email me please?

  7. amber
    amber says:

    good luck with the pregnancy, more prayers are sent your way! Definitely take care of family first!

    I like Brooke’s idea, if it doesn’t violate the church’s policy. If it does, would you be able to share with us what you wrote for each principle? I don’t know if that violates it too… but I thought I’d share the idea.

    Thanks for your wonderful idea and again… take it easy!

  8. camille duckworth
    camille duckworth says:

    I too had previously downloaded the quite book files and it’s intersting the situation. I read the above comment about sharing how to make them. I know now is not a good time for you, but maybe in the future (or if you wanted to recruit help) creating a tutorial on how to create something simple. I prefer photoshop but have made lots of things in Word that people didn’t think was possible. I would be happy to work on a project like that.

    I also have a cousin who is a great artist…I wonder if she would be willing to create some artwork for a project like this. She does it to make money, but could really use the publicity.

    Good luck with your pregnancy. I too have a daughter…two sons, a daughter…then just had another daughter! My oldest seems a lot like yours. I don’t know how I could have my five kids without her help! Take care of yourself and keep me in mind if you ever want help to try to do a digital quiet book tutorial.

    Camille Duckworth

  9. Karen Young
    Karen Young says:

    Wow, you are one busy woman. 5 kids under 8 and the new RS president? I’m sure you must have angels surrounding you. Anyway, just wanted to say I love your site and if IP ever lets you share the 4×6 quiet books again, I’d love to be the first one to celebrate with you. Please keep me posted. Thanks and good luck in all the “hard things” you do!

  10. Kim Walker
    Kim Walker says:

    So sorry about the quiet books. I printed off two copies of the life of Jesus Christ. I sent one to my son on his mission. I thought it might be a handy reference for him to use with investigators who have little or no knowledge of Jesus Christ. I didn’t make a hard copy for myself. Now I could kick myself for putting it off. I showed a few members of the ward how nice it was. Now they all want one. I just wanted to tell you how awesome those little books were. Thanks so much for putting them together. I just wish there was some way to keep sharing them . If anything changes , I would
    love to have another copy or two. : ) . I hope all is well with your pregnacy. Thanks for sharing your computer talents!!! Kim Walker

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