2012 One Little Word Posters

Have you selected your One Little Word yet for 2012?

I chose “Uplift.”

Haven’t heard of One Little Word? … You can find out more from… Ali Edwards: One Little Word

I also love this explanation by Sherrie Johnson:

“New beginnings don’t have to be measured in years. At one point in Paul’s teachings, he tells the Corinthians, “Though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day” (2 Corinthians 4:16). In other words, our bodies might be growing older and becoming weaker, but our inward being, our spirits, are renewed daily through Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.

“That is one reason I like having a word for the year instead of goal resolutions. My word is not something that is kept or broken like a goal; it just floats with me in whatever I am doing. If I am cleaning house, I’m thinking rejuvenate—do it better than ever before. If I am studying, I’m thinking rejuvenate my studies — have more enthusiasm and excitement in my study. If I am with an old friend, I’m thinking rejuvenate my friendship—don’t take friendship for granted but cherish it. Instead of feeling like something extra to do, my word resolution enhances and invigorates everything I am already doing. In this way I help the natural process of letting the Spirit renew me day by day by day without getting discouraged or being tempted to give up. I love it!” (Sherrie Johnson)

I thought it would be fun to invite y’all to participate in One Little Word 2012. New in the etsy shop is an opportunity to get your “One Little Word” in print. Each custom order will be $10 but you’ll receive 2 different sizes (because it’s good to hang one in a visible spot in your home … like above the kitchen sink… and have a smaller one to use as a bookmark.) You select the wording, the colors, the fonts. You can add the year, add a scripture, add a quote… you choose!

Head on over to the Etsy and pick up your 2012 One Little Word Print now.

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  1. Annalea
    Annalea says:

    I’m going to register for the One Little Word 2012 class, and since I heard about it from you, I wondered if you had a refer-a-friend code. (The box says the refer-er and refer-ee will both get a discount, so I thought I’d ask.) 😉 Thanks so much for the head’s up about One Little Word . . . I’m really looking forward to the focus it will bring to 2012!

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