LDS Art in Spanish – Arte SUD

New in the Shop: LDS Art in Spanish!

~ Ideal for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Spanish Wards and Branches.
~ Inexpensive gift for missionaries (laminate and mail in an envelope).
~ Print in a smaller size for inspiring pass-a-long cards for Primary children and friends (or to send to a missionary to share with others)

First 3 people to make a comment
and share a quote, song, or phrase in Spanish
that they would like to see in a NEW digital print
will receive that digital print  for *FREE*.

(does not include those that are already in the shop)

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  1. Cazandra
    Cazandra says:

    Hi someone might have already brought this to your attention, but if not your D&C115:5 should read ESTANDARTE not BESTANDARTE. 🙂

  2. Patricia Soriano
    Patricia Soriano says:

    Muchas gracias!! siempre he querido este tipo de cosas en español y no las habia podido conseguir, muchas gracias 🙂

  3. Marcela Olsen
    Marcela Olsen says:

    Hermosos! Muchas Gracias!!! I always look at your work in english and I wish it wasa also in spanish to cheer up our primary classes=) Some other phrases that you could use are:

    “Tal como tierra limpia cuando acaba de llover
    yo quiero comportarme bien y con mi Dios volver”

    “Las familias pueden ser eternas”

    “Quiero ser como Jesucristo”

    “Amo al profeta”

    “Me gusta la primaria”

  4. Karina
    Karina says:

    Thanks so much for this material !!! I just love it !!!
    Muchas gracias por este material !!! Me encanta !!!
    ” No vivas para que tu presencia se note, sino para que tu falta se sienta ”

  5. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Hola! that is my spanish knowledge. However my children are in a dual immersion program at school and this is the perfect pass along card and side by side help to keep their minds in both the secular world and the sacred! 🙂

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