Patriot’s Day

In honor of all those who live and die for our FREEDOM,
especially those who died September 11, 2001,
I am sharing a free set of AMERICA prints.
We will always remember … we will never forget.Free Download:
8×10 Patriot’s Day Prints

p.s. to show your gratitude for these freebies,
please give someone an extra hug or smile,
do something nice for someone else,
forgive or apologize,
choose to REMEMBER the sacrifice others have given for you to enjoy a life of FREEDOM.

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  1. Delina Wille
    Delina Wille says:

    Thank you soo much for these free prints! I think that over time we have forgotten some of the fear and terror that spread across the nation this day 11 years ago- but as long as we keep making reminders and teaching our children- hopefully we will never have to worry like that again! Thank you soo much!!

  2. Liz Mumford
    Liz Mumford says:

    Thanks Heather! I am too late for 9/11, but I’ll print these out to decorate my classroom for Constitution Day next week! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Thank you so much for these! As a military family, this kind of decor is year-round. I’m thinking of turning one of these into a beautiful retirement gift for our neighbor. SHE just retired last week and is going to love spending more time with her retired husband and their two young daughters!

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