Family Rules – *Back in the Shop*



I just relisted the popular Family Rules in the etsy shop. These are now instant downloads in 2 color sets. Enjoy!

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  1. Rhina
    Rhina says:

    Hi Sis. Heather,
    I was looking for some souvenirs for the anual primary presentation and I saw these awesome stuffs you do.I love them.
    I’m originally form the Philippines but I live in Mexico.I’m also the primary president of my ward.I would like to make a special request if it’s possible.Could you make something in spanish?Maybe the first verse of the song I am a child of God.I saw some examples of it here in the web but they are written in English.I would like to use it as a souvenir for our presentation this November.I also would love the family rules translated in spanish.
    Congratulations and hope to hear from you.

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