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Click here for free printable Spelling Lists of sight words, grade-level spelling bee words, and some spelling tips for elementary school children.

This summer, we’re going a different route with ‘brain work’ for the kids. My oldest requested a math workbook and that’s all. We’re doing a few book reports. Reading non-fiction encyclopedia-type books that the kids are interested.

My newest idea was to work on very basic spelling for each child. My oldest two children are going into 5th & 4th grade. They have both been in the top spelling group in their classes. They come home with spelling words that even I struggle to use in normal every-day sentences… yet, they misspell common words in their writing. I thought we’d focus on the basics.

I searched online for the top 100 Misspelled words (misspelled happens to be one of those!). I also came across Grade-level words & Spelling Bee words. These aren’t going to give the kids headaches and put a sour-puss look on their face. But hopefully they will review the very basics. I also have a soon-to-be-Kindergartener who is working on sight words so I included Dolch’s lists for him.

We are going on a long road trip this summer. I think a Spelling Bee might be thrown into the mix of car activities. My 9-year-old is very excited (or not! … in fact he said, “Mom, why are you spending so much time doing those? It’s going to be a waste.” Yes, he loves spelling that much)

I figured since I put this together for my family, there might be someone else out there who would want the lists. I typed the resource for each list on the top of the page. Included are 16 half pages to print. I am laminating and putting a binder ring in the top. We can separate pages for each child or keep them together for mom to have in the front for those joyful Spelling Bee quizes. What fun!

Here’s a few samples of the pages:
Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 3.01.47 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 3.01.29 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 3.01.19 PM


Half Sheet Spelling Lists PDF

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  1. Belle
    Belle says:

    Thank you for sharing!!! 🙂 We travel constantly and this is a great “take along” activity. I have created road trip books for each of my kids that have travel games (the licence plate game, the alphabet game, traffic bingo, etc etc) using $1 photo albums. I print the games as 4×6 sheets, slip them into the album, and the bonus is they can use dry erase markers on the game sheets! (I even have games like tic-tac-toe and the square game – a page full of dots, yes?). At any rate. This and the Lego Pattern pages will be a perfect addition!!! Thank you! ^_^

  2. Karry
    Karry says:

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