Glow-in-the-dark Sticks & Necklace

Glow In the Dark Sticks & Necklaces

I placed a group order for folks in my neighborhood for these Emergency Preparedness Glow-In-the-Dark Sticks & Necklaces. I have a few leftover that I want to share with you! Each green stick (embedded with a ‘Choose the Right & Shine Bright’ custom Sticker) is 4″ long and is $5. The ice Blue necklace is also $5. You can pay via PayPal and when you do, you’ll be charged $3 per order for shipping.

These are perfect for 72-hour kits, stocking stuffers, trick-or-treating, winter-time fort fun for kids. Every night ‘energize’ the stick/necklace by a lightbulb or flashlight and it will glow all night long. Reusable! My 4-year-old loves to sleep with his stick as a comfort light.

Update: I have 29 glow sticks available. I’ll have a new shopping cart up soon at a lower price. ~ Email with any questions.

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