Leadership in the Home

I wanted to share with y’all a really neat idea for Family Home Evening in your home. My cute dad (a.k.a. Gerald Price) has been working on a Leadership in the Home class through Ricks College, BYU-Idaho, LDS Business College, and now wants to spread the word to FAMILIES!
Iron Rod Leadership
Iron Rod Leadership is a set of lesson video series that you can use to teach simple principles and doctrines using the words of Latter-day Prophets. There are 30 different lessons that are available free to view on his website Iron Rod Leadership. From topics like ‘Becoming Christlike,’ Love, Agency, and Faith to Doctrine of the Priesthood, Peace, and Fasting, a variety of topics are covered that I know will bless your family. Go visit Iron Rod Leadership today and get started on a new adventure sharing gospel principles and doctrines with your family in an inspiring and new way!

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