Positive Thoughts Prompts & Coupon

You know those days when deep down you believe in the principle of optimism, but you’re having a hard time keeping thoughts, words, & tone of voice positive?! Alrighty then… welcome to my life this past week.

Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed or my emotions are all over the place, my brain has a hard time finding something positive to think or say.

This is when I need to zip over to my fridge and read some ideas for Positive Thoughts. Lame? Perhaps… but I’ll tell you, it helps! You tell yourself over and over that “There is always hope!”  or “Everything is going to be okay!” and you will start to feel it inside.

You know those days when deep down you believe in optimism, but it's hard to keep words positive! Free Download for Positive Thought Prompts to help you on your Journey to Optimism!
Download: Positive Thoughts Prompts pdf Printable
to get yourself started on the road to Positive Thoughts & Words & LIFE!
or create your own list using favorite scriptures, uplifting quotes, jokes…
whatever it is that brings a smile to your face…
peace to your mind,
and HOPE to your heart.

Let’s joyfully head into the holidays with positive thoughts.

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