2015 LDS Primary Theme Posters

Free Download 2015 LDS Primary Theme Posters ~ Simply Fresh Designs.com

Perhaps you’re late to the 2015 game, as I am …
but you’d like to print some 2015 LDS Primary Theme Posters
for your Primary Room… or home… or fridge…
or family calendar (that’s what I’m doing!)

I finished these Monthly 16×20 Posters this evening.
Feel free to download and print for personal & church use only!

p.s. I’m not quite sure I’m lovin’ the color scheme I used,
inspired by 2015 Pantone Colors of the year.
If you just look at one poster at a time,
perhaps it won’t look like a crazy tie-dye spill.
I tend to go BRIGHT in the depths of winter dreariness.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Kaytie Evans
    Kaytie Evans says:

    Do you have any blank ones that could be used for different languages (Spanish)? I used the blank ones you made for last year’s theme and it was such a blessing to our little Spanish branch in Puerto Rico!

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