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Recently, I’ve been reminded of the importance of connecting with our ancestors.
Our connection to them is eternal.
Knowing their photos, their lives, their triumphs, and challenges can strengthen us.
I believe they are cheering us on from the spirit world
in hopes that we will endure to the end as they tried to do.

Because of my desire to share my ancestor’s lives with my family,
I decided to redesign my family tree prints to display in my home.
I wanted to share them with y’all to display in your home.
Your family will have the opportunity to become more familiar with ancestors.
Didn’t we all love to go to grandma’s and see the pictures of ancestors from the olden days?
We are bound together with them in ways we don’t understand.
As our children learn more about those who came before them,
they can gain a greater respect for their family name and moral responsibilities
as a member of that family.

Anyhoo… on to the fun photo part…

*New* in the etsy shop today.

Digital Family Tree Prints
Custom & Design your Own

This 4-generation tree is my favorite. Those photos from the early 1900s are splendid. I LOVE my family!
I’m working on gathering photos of my husband’s side of the family so we can hang ours side-by-side.
Custom Family Tree Digital File ...

Custom Family Tree Digital File ...

Please see individual listings for more details about the Custom & Design your Own Family Tree listings.

Also Updated: Simply Fresh Designs Etsy Store Policies which also explains more about buying and downloading digital files.

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