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Healthy Eating Options – Thrive Foods

Two of my kiddos needed another jump-start on healthy eating. Spring is the perfect time for this as more and more fresh fruits and available at a great price. My son specifically asked for a chart with 8 cups of water on it! He hates drinking water, so I jumped on it to add any […]

Family Tree Print

Recently, I’ve been reminded of the importance of connecting with our ancestors. Our connection to them is eternal. Knowing their photos, their lives, their triumphs, and challenges can strengthen us. I believe they are cheering us on from the spirit world in hopes that we will endure to the end as they tried to do. […]

#shareGOODNESS print

This new #shareGoodness Print is based on a message shared by David A. Bednar’s “To Sweep the Earth as with a Flood,” BYU Campus Education Week devotional, August 2014. This print will help remind youth and adults alike to use social media in a positive way. It shares ideas for ways to Shine your LIGHT! […]

Healthy Eating Charts for Kids

Many moons ago one of my healthy-eating sisters had this idea for a fridge-chart to encourage kids to eat more healthy foods each day. I ran with that idea and eventually came up with this next set of free downloads. {There are 2 downloads links… click on the main chart images to download the zipped […]

Celebrate Freedom … America!

I love our United States of America! I love our history … the courage shown … the inspired founding fathers … the truth battled for… the freedoms supported by the Constitution. I wanted to create some prints to celebrate America, especially to commemorate Independence Day! Let’s teach our children about WHY we LOVE the United […]

Etsy Shop OPEN!!!

Simply Fresh Designs Etsy shop is now open!!! After 1 1/2 years, I decided to open it back up. My wee babe is 10 months and adds to our busyness. But there are good things happening in our life! (amidst all the challenges, as always!) Anyhoo… Head on over to the Etsy Shop. I’ll be […]

Announcing Baby #6

The main reason I shut down my etsy shop: having a hard time keeping up with technical support when not feeling well with all-day morning sickness. We’re excited for our new addition. Perhaps this summer I’ll get the shop reopened if I’m up to managing everything. Thanks for your support!