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Simply Fresh Designs Coupon

Looking for a last minute Christmas Gift? With Instant Download in the Simply Fresh Designs Etsy Shop, you can print, frame, and wrap in a snap! Enjoy this 30% off coupon on purchases over $10 until December 25, 2013 (use code CHRISTMAS30) Merry Christmas!

Positive Thoughts Prompts & Coupon

You know those days when deep down you believe in the principle of optimism, but you’re having a hard time keeping thoughts, words, & tone of voice positive?! Alrighty then… welcome to my life this past week. Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed or my emotions are all over the place, my brain has a hard […]

BillionClicks.org Clicker Giveaway!

In February 2013, I heard an inspiring message by Hilary Weeks about the Power of Positive Thoughts. She shared the idea of “Clicking”. “Clicking” is a way of training our minds to focus on and think about the positive. My cute family was in the middle of the Dark Season here in Utah. I ordered […]

Glow-in-the-dark Sticks & Necklace

I placed a group order for folks in my neighborhood for these Emergency Preparedness Glow-In-the-Dark Sticks & Necklaces. I have a few leftover that I want to share with you! Each green stick (embedded with a ‘Choose the Right & Shine Bright’ custom Sticker) is 4″ long and is $5. The ice Blue necklace is […]

Leadership in the Home

I wanted to share with y’all a really neat idea for Family Home Evening in your home. My cute dad (a.k.a. Gerald Price) has been working on a Leadership in the Home class through Ricks College, BYU-Idaho, LDS Business College, and now wants to spread the word to FAMILIES! Iron Rod Leadership is a set […]

Back from Vacation

Hello Folks… Just wanted to let you know I’ve reopened my etsy shop after my summer vacation. Simply Fresh Designs.com has been having technical difficulties due to busier-than-normal traffic.  Give it a few days for traffic to settle down and all the downloads should work for you.  If it is going extra slow, know it […]

Create a Family Emergency Plan

A few months ago I was asked to do a Sharing Station Booth at BYU Women’s Conference. My topic: Creating a Family Emergency Plan. We were Booth #17. I asked two fabulous and willing friends to assist. Thanks Sara & Wendy! We spent 100+ hours planning, researching, and gathering emergency supplies to share ideas with […]

Lego Patterns

We are heading on a long road trip this summer and I knew that my boys would do much better in the car and at the hotel if they had legos to play with in their spare time. I saw some travel lego boxes made of wooden boxes with hinges (most of which seemed to […]

Spelling Lists

This summer, we’re going a different route with ‘brain work’ for the kids. My oldest requested a math workbook and that’s all. We’re doing a few book reports. Reading non-fiction encyclopedia-type books that the kids are interested. My newest idea was to work on very basic spelling for each child. My oldest two children are […]

JOY Manifesto Printable

I came across a wonderful quote on theJOYteam.org. With their permission, I am sharing my version of their Jr. Joy Team Manifesto. This is a great print to share with children of all ages to remind them that they are in charge of their own happiness. It is full of positive affirmations that uplift and […]