2013 YW Bookmark

see also Binder Cover & Free Print in 2013 YW

Here’s another 2013 YW freebie… a 2×6 bookmark with front/back images available.
I’ve printed bookmarks at Overnightprints.com and they turned out so well.
They were thick with a glossy coating so the colors/text popped. Enjoy!

2013 YW 2×6 bookmark

2013 YW Theme

See also 2013 YW 2×6 Bookmark

Just wanted to share a little freebie for the Youth Leaders out there.
A binder cover with a calendar and the yearly theme… and a 4×6 print with a temple/theme.
Sorry I am not able to make them in more colors at this time.
Cockatoo & Coral are fun though – eh?!


2013 YW Theme Binder Cover & 4×6 Print