2014 LDS Primary Posters in any Language

I have so many requests for LDS Primary Posters in languages other than English. Though I would love to provide this service, my life does not leave time for hours of translation and re-creation of posters.

Here’s a compromise for those interested in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.Download 2014 LDS Primary Blank Posters for any Language
Blank Images so anyone can add the text in any language.

2014 Blank Primary Posters in any language

Adding text is very easy in Picasa, a free program from Google. All you do is add the text for each section and then export all images at full-size for printing.

There are various photo-editing programs to use as well including Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

If you would like to share your posters with others, please email me {simplyfreshdesigns@gmail.com} the full-size images in your language, and I will post for everyone to download. Thank you so much!!!

2014 LDS Primary Theme

Tis the Season for prepping for 2014 Primary! The principles taught in Primary are so powerful. I’m grateful that this is what my children are learning. Heavenly Father has a plan for each of them. He knows they can succeed as they keep His commandments. I Love it!

2014 PRIMARY POSTERS + Yearly theme + 3x4 cards + Binder Cover

16×20/8×10 Yearly Theme in .jpg & pdf
12 16×20/8×10 monthly theme posters (download 1download 2)
8×10 Binder Cover in .jpg & pdf
3×4 cards of monthly theme to make a keychain booklet (pair these with the Articles of Faith & you’ll have a power-house of doctrine!)

Looking for 2014 Primary Posters in other languages: see 2014 LDS Primary: Languages Post

Fonts Used:

Images from LDS Media Library & Amy Dott Harmer
Terms of Use: Prints are for personal use only. They are not to be resold for any type of profit.

~ as much as I’d love to create all the other primary goodies to accompany these, I can’t promise that I’ll have time. After all… My Family is Forever and thus I need to focus on them as #1. Thanks for understanding.