Now Available: ‘Family Rules’ and ‘Love At Home’ Print

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’ve updated the ‘Family Rules‘ and ‘Love at Home‘ digital files and they are now listed in the Simply Fresh Designs Etsy Shop. Wahoo… Happy End of Summer to you!
family rules

Celebrate Freedom … America!

America Prints Digital Download - 9 in all! I love our United States of America! I love our history … the courage shown … the inspired founding fathers … the truth battled for… the freedoms supported by the Constitution.

I wanted to create some prints to celebrate America, especially to commemorate Independence Day! Let’s teach our children about WHY we LOVE the United States of America! Let’s step back and teach some of the history!

We the People Constitution Preamble! (one of my new favorites!!)
The Gettysburg Address! Map of U.S. on Stripes!
Freedom Quote!
Map of United States on Stripes!

These prints are now up in Simply Fresh Designs Etsy Shop. Use Coupon Code FREEDOM10 for 10% off anything in the shop throughout the entire month of July! July 2015 Coupon Code... Simply Fresh Designs Etsy Shop ... Digital Prints at a great price!

Back from Vacation

Hello Folks…

Just wanted to let you know I’ve reopened my etsy shop after my summer vacation.

Simply Fresh has been having technical difficulties due to busier-than-normal traffic.  Give it a few days for traffic to settle down and all the downloads should work for you.  If it is going extra slow, know it is the server through the host company, come back in a few hours to retry.  It will be worth the wait.  🙂

So sorry!  We are doing all we can to get things switched to a faster server.

Family Rules – *Back in the Shop*



I just relisted the popular Family Rules in the etsy shop. These are now instant downloads in 2 color sets. Enjoy!

My Family

These cute little people have been keeping me extra busy lately.
Family…my joy.heather smith family 5x7I’m very s.l.o.w.l.y getting items back up in the shop.
I’m occasionally able to get to questions and messages and emails.
All in time… Thanks for your patience.

New in the Shop: For Young Women

When I think of all the qualities I hope my daughter sees in herself,
I think of these:I AM ... positive affirmation for Young WomenDon’t we all want our daughters to believe in herself – in things that really matter.
These “I Am …” prints will help the young woman in your life think optimistically about all she can become…
through positive affirmations! I love it!

I decided to try a new LDS Young Women’s Theme design…
similar to the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood. This was the result:
***NEW*** LDS Young Women's ThemeYou receive 9 files… 1 for each value color + one of my favorites (french roast).
These would make a great gift or centerpiece in New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence Programs.

New in the Etsy Shop: Instant Downloads

Just wanted to post a quick update on what’s happening in the etsy shop.  We are set up for ***INSTANT DOWNLOAD***.  This means no more waiting on your end.  Wahoo!  I will have all the listings up in the next few weeks.  But go check out what’s there now.

We have a new ‘Women of God’ print that I adore.  What a powerful message to strengthen us.women of god

Also new are the Oath & Covenant of the Priesthood, Standard of Truth Quote, and Doctrine & Covenants Section 4 in various colors. If you purchase the bundle, you save 10%.
Oath and covenant of the priesthood1

I just relisted ‘You Make my Heart Happy’ if you’re in need of a last minute valentine’s day card. You get 30 files for $2.
16x20 8x1010

Because we are doing instant downloads, instead of just receiving 1 design/color for $5/$10… you now receive a set of coordinating colors for that same price. More for your money. Buy one listing and you’ll have lots of color options; these make great gifts for friends and family.

That’s all for now. Check back weekly in the etsy shop for new designs.

LDS Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood

A friend asked me to design the Oath & Covenant of the Priesthood
for their upcoming Priesthood Preview gift.
What a great idea!
I’m so excited to hang this in my boys’ room.

These are the 20 files you get for $7.50.
Basically 4 different colors (French Roast, Dark Green, Steel, and Blue Hue)
in 4 different sizes including 16×20/8×10, 5×7, 4×6, and a 2×6 bookmark with front/back images.

You can purchase them in the etsy shop.

Don’t forget to use coupon code CHRISTMAS10 for 10% off through December 15.

8×10 Actual Prints … on sale

8×10 prints in the etsy shop have been discounted from $4 down to $2. Snag them while you can.
Actual Prints are a limited edition.

Update on Etsy Shop

Quick update on the etsy shop…
Just lowered the price on 4×6 & 5×7 (only the actual prints). They are $0.50 & $1.00. A Super Deal!
Here’s a few:

Also… I am pulling all listing and closing shop for the holidays as of December 15. Get your orders in before that date. I will hopefully have all orders shipped/emailed by December 20. Thanks for your patience during this busy season.

The coupon code of CHRISTMAS10 for 10% off is good until the 15th.

Merry Christmas!