Updates to 4×6 Prophet & Apostle Quiet Book

I suppose there is one benefit of being sick… resting on my bed with a laptop on a Sunday gave me a few minutes to put together these pages. As more information becomes available about these 3 newly called apostles, I’ll update the info on their cards. For now, enjoy learning about these new apostles.Documents

Download 4×6 Quiet Book of Prophet & Apostles

And if you have a few minutes, listen to this Mormon Channel Conversation with Elder Rasband and his wife. I loved learning that one of his gifts is having dear friends and one of her gifts is loving others!

*New* Prophet & Apostles Prints Freebie

Please see updated 2018 Prophets & Apostles General Conference Freebie Printable post here.

We are in the middle of a huge move out of state but I squeezed in this additions to the prophet & apostles General Conference Message & Name Card with the 3 newly called apostles. I’ll try to put together the new info for the apostles 4×6 quiet book when I have a restful moment.

4x6-name-card-web Download: 2015 4×6 *NEW* Prophet & Apostles Name Card

Every General Conference we frame the following print and write (in wet-erase marker on the glass) the conference talk topic under each apostle/prophet to have hanging in our home for the next 6 months. What a great way to keep the word of God close to our heart and mind!
Download: 2015 16×20 *NEW* Prophet & Apostles General Conference Message Print

P.S. I’m starting to put all the freebie downloads for quiet books and such on Dropbox as a public folder. Feel free to download anything in that folder for personal or church use.

General Conference Fall 2015

Due to the recent passing of apostles L. Tom Perry and Boyd K. Packer, we anticipate that new apostles will be called during General Conference Fall 2015 for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In the past, my family has written the conference message topics on the glass of a 16×20 framed Prophets and Apostles print.

I updated the style and layout for the new changes. Shortly after the new apostles are announced, I’ll update and share this as a freebie. Just wanted to share!
Freebies on sfd-001

Hearts Bound Together

Red hearts hanging over grey wood background

‘God Hears and Answers Prayers’

Receiving answers to prayer has been on my mind lately.
I believe in the Power of Prayer.
I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers.
A prayer of mine was answered today.
It wasn’t necessarily on my time-table…
but answers come.

God is very good to us.
He blesses us in so many ways.
Wanted to share a freebie that I love about prayer.
by Henry B. Eyring, October 2001 Prayer
It teaches me there is POWER in prayer.
(Click image and save as for full-size 3×4 image – I like to print 2-up on a 4×6 as a little handout for note enclosure)
Henry B. Eyring on the power of Prayer! Love... courage...peace - no matter what the future brings!

Also, new in the shop, God Hears and Answers Every Child’s Prayer… with a bit of shine!
god hears and answers prayers

Healthy Eating Charts for Kids

Many moons ago one of my healthy-eating sisters had this idea for a fridge-chart to encourage kids to eat more healthy foods each day. I ran with that idea and eventually came up with this next set of free downloads.

{There are 2 downloads links… click on the main chart images to download the zipped folders … or find the download links at the bottom of this post}

This chart is especially for Littles (age 2-5). The idea is to encourage them to eat various healthy foods each day. I laminated the 8×10 chart. Laminated all the 4×6 food circle sheets, trimmed them to circles. You can attach the circles to the chart once the child has tried that food. Use mounting putty or velcro dots to attach the circles. Every day… or every meal (whichever applies!) remove the circles and start over.

My kids enjoyed finding the food circle and sticking it on. This system helped my 3-year-old try Quinoa (this was a HUGE deal!!!) It helps us keep things positive and fun at dinner-time.
Healthy Eating Charts for Kids only at SimplyFreshDesigns.com

Healthy Eating Charts for Kids only at SimplyFreshDesigns.com

I soon realized that many circles of food and many children = lots of possible circles on the floor + not enough circles of same foods for my 6 kids unless I printed them each a set which = yet, even more circles all over my house. So… to simplify (and also for use for my older tweens), I included our most-likely-to-eat foods on one chart. I laminated these charts and we can use wet-erase markers or stickers to mark foods eaten for the day/week.
Healthy Eating Charts for Kids only at SimplyFreshDesigns.com

I would recommend using these charts for a few weeks at a time when your kids need a little extra encouragement to eat those healthy foods! Long-term, I imagine they will lose their zest and become monotonous for little kiddos. So… hide them away, and bring them out in a few months when fresh produce is available in-season.

Free Download links:
8×10 Super Food Chart for All Ages (Little circles)

8×10 Super Food Chart for Littles (ages 2-5)

*** Thanks to Kate Hadfield for the Doodle People and accompanying images. She has given me permission to share these as a freebie with ya’ll. Thanks Kate! (p.s. Go check out all her cute doodle images that have oodles of uses!)

*Disclaimer… I realize this is not a complete list of healthy foods… and perhaps some would disagree on how healthy some are. If you find you need other foods, I have included a few extra blank large circles so you can add your own foods that fit your family’s health needs and wants. Please share ideas in the comments and perhaps I’ll make a version 2 to share.

Go Forth and Eat Well!

Update on Simply Fresh Designs: December 2014

My etsy shop has been closed since January (I was slammed with some major morning sickness).
We spent the summer keeping 5 kiddos busy and I spent a lot of time at doctor’s appointments for non-stress tests, etc.
Scotland Charles Smith was born August 28 and things went relatively smoothly (all things considered).
We are so grateful to have this 6th little one in our family.
Newborns throw in an added busy-ness to a family and we are still adjusting.

I was hoping to get my etsy shop open for Christmas, but sigh….
I need to continue focusing on my family and all my time (plus, all the time I don’t have) is reserved for their needs.
4x6 2014 christmas card black_lighter

BUT … the good news is that you can now download all FREE Simply Fresh Designs Items (including quiet books with images) via DropBox.. Hopefully things will be easier to access now.

Merry Christmas Friends!
Thanks for your patience with all we have going on around here!

p.s. I am hoping to sneak in some time for 2015 Primary & YW theme posters. Check back soon.
And if that doesn’t happen, check pinterest… there are oodles of darling ones shared by others.

Positive Thoughts Prompts & Coupon

You know those days when deep down you believe in the principle of optimism, but you’re having a hard time keeping thoughts, words, & tone of voice positive?! Alrighty then… welcome to my life this past week.

Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed or my emotions are all over the place, my brain has a hard time finding something positive to think or say.

This is when I need to zip over to my fridge and read some ideas for Positive Thoughts. Lame? Perhaps… but I’ll tell you, it helps! You tell yourself over and over that “There is always hope!”  or “Everything is going to be okay!” and you will start to feel it inside.

You know those days when deep down you believe in optimism, but it's hard to keep words positive! Free Download for Positive Thought Prompts to help you on your Journey to Optimism!
Download: Positive Thoughts Prompts pdf Printable
to get yourself started on the road to Positive Thoughts & Words & LIFE!
or create your own list using favorite scriptures, uplifting quotes, jokes…
whatever it is that brings a smile to your face…
peace to your mind,
and HOPE to your heart.

Let’s joyfully head into the holidays with positive thoughts.

Don’t forget about the coupon at Billion Clicks.org for a free clicker!!!
coupon code

Go to Billion Clicks Store.
Add a Clicker kit to your cart.
Enter HEATHER616 as a coupon code
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This coupon code is good until Nov 30th, 2013.

Clickers make great stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts, or teacher’s Christmas gifts.

2014 LDS Primary Theme

Tis the Season for prepping for 2014 Primary! The principles taught in Primary are so powerful. I’m grateful that this is what my children are learning. Heavenly Father has a plan for each of them. He knows they can succeed as they keep His commandments. I Love it!

2014 PRIMARY POSTERS + Yearly theme + 3x4 cards + Binder Cover

16×20/8×10 Yearly Theme in .jpg & pdf
12 16×20/8×10 monthly theme posters (download 1download 2)
8×10 Binder Cover in .jpg & pdf
3×4 cards of monthly theme to make a keychain booklet (pair these with the Articles of Faith & you’ll have a power-house of doctrine!)

Looking for 2014 Primary Posters in other languages: see 2014 LDS Primary: Languages Post

Fonts Used:

Images from LDS Media Library & Amy Dott Harmer
Terms of Use: Prints are for personal use only. They are not to be resold for any type of profit.

~ as much as I’d love to create all the other primary goodies to accompany these, I can’t promise that I’ll have time. After all… My Family is Forever and thus I need to focus on them as #1. Thanks for understanding.

BillionClicks.org Clicker Giveaway!

In February 2013, I heard an inspiring message by Hilary Weeks about the Power of Positive Thoughts.
She shared the idea of “Clicking”.
“Clicking” is a way of training our minds to focus on and think about the positive.
My cute family was in the middle of the Dark Season here in Utah.
I ordered a clicker for each of us.Picture-16
The very afternoon they arrived, we had a party thinking & saying positive thoughts. Click. Click. Click.

My 8-year-old son was in the greatest need of this activity, and he had the most clicks that afternoon.
For a few weeks, we clicked and clicked and became more positive.
Of course there were UP days and DOWN days.
But overall, I believe practicing this principle of optimism has blessed our family.

This summer when we went on a week-long driving trip to Washington, we brought along a clicker.
We definitely needed positive thoughts after being in the car together for 12 hours!

I believe in Positive thoughts!…
I only wish it were easier to me to LIVE every moment of every day.
I’m pulling out my clicker again this week.
November, the month of gratitude, is a great month to rejuvenate your thoughts.
Just be sure you revisit POSITIVE THOUGHTS in the depth of winter (say … come February!)

To help on our Positive Thoughts Quest I have a Freebie to share
as well as a GIVEAWAY & a coupon code for Billion Clicks:

 Freebie has 50 3×4 cards (2-up on a 4×6 for ease of printing at photocenter… 1 for you & a friend!).
Punch a hole in the corner, use a binder ring & a ribbon to finish it off.
Attach to any clicker for an uplifting gift!
Download 3×4 Happy Thoughts Cards

The Clicker Kit contains the tools one would need to begin clicking –
a clicker, wristband,
Think Happy Be Happy sticker,
Blank sticker (to create your own design)
and an inspiring (& darling!) booklet explaining the concept of clicking!
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Clickers make great stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts, teacher’s Christmas gifts.
I’m so excited to give these to the principal & teachers at the school! (Shhhh, don’t tell!)

Enter here for Giveaway!!! Ends Friday, November 8 @ midnight
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is part of a blog campaign with Billion Clicks.org,
but all opinions are my own… and boy-howdy do I believe in the Power of Positive Thoughts!
Email me simplyfreshdesigns@gmail.com with any questions!