Nautical Print: Sure & Steadfast

My darling friend Katie shared an inspiring SFD Nautical Printable on her new site: The Vintage Mother.Loot-678x1024A few weeks ago I was able to attend a marvelous retreat where we laughed, cried,
were nurtured by the Good Word of God, felt of His Holy Spirit,
and were surrounded by kindred spirits – women who understood our hearts.
I am so grateful for these dear friends.

This print: Sure & Steadfast, is a great focus for centering your hope & faith in Jesus Christ.

Go check out Katie’s post to download the Free Printable.

*Free* Easter Printable

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I love knowing that because of the sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we will all be resurrected. This is my greatest HOPE. Hope by itself is nothing. HOPE in Jesus Christ is EVERYTHING.

Today I am sharing an Easter Printable of one of my favorite scriptures, Moroni 7:41. It reminds me that “There is Always Hope.”

there is always hope freebie1 TENDER SHOOTS

there is always hope freebie

These are the six files you receive in the download.

Easter Printable: There is Always Hope

Nativity Blocks

I saw these cute nativity blocks for children on pinterest. I knew I had the images from a purchase long ago on (which no longer exists). Me & My Big Ideas sold the stickers but I can’t find either digital or stickers anywhere online. I hope it’s appropriate to share these edited & framed images with ya’ll since they aren’t available anymore.  These are the blocks I made.  The fun part is that you can make it as little or big as you want.  You could do just Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus… leave out the wisemen & angels… no animals, etc.  Lots of options.

This was a fun project for this holiday season. I kinda wish I would have used 1×4’s… but I used a 2×4 for the longer Scenes… and a 2×3 for the little blocks. You can also use a 2×4 for the little blocks as they will fit well. I’m no modge-podge or staining expert, but it seemed to work out alright. And I’m pleased to announce that I didn’t even cut off any fingers when I used the saw to cut the boards. That is always a good thing, especially when it’s your first time.

Here’s what you get in the free downloads:

2×3 Nativity Prints & 3×8 Nativity scene
(1 set of all individual images for printing at home
1 set arranged on 4×6 cards for easy printing at Costco)

2×3 Christmas Prints & 3×8 Santa scene
(1 set of all individual images for printing at home
1 set arranged on 4×6 cards for easy printing at Costco)

And because I can’t get enough of my Zu-Zu girl… here she is enjoying the blocks.

Terms of Use: Personal Use Only. Do not make any money from these prints or sell them.

more 2013 LDS Primary Theme

Be sure to check out other free 2013 LDS Primary Theme items.

I’ve been slowly working on a few more 2013 LDS Primary Theme Ideas.
1. A Binder Cover with a calendar.
2. A Wall Calendar for the fam.
3. I Am A Child of God Freebie prints.

Still to come… maybe … someday.
a. prayer/talk/scripture/article of faith wristlets
b. 4×6 theme cards with songs

Here ya go…

2013 Binder Cover in 8×10(.jpg) & 8.5×11(.pdf)

2013 Primary Calendar
(top part only … works swell with companies like Shutterfly)
Speaking of Shutterfly… I got a free calendar code good through Black Friday… see if it will work for you…
use CALENDAR2013 in the coupon code section of their site.

Here’s what I did with mine – just to give you an idea. Nothin’ Fancy ‘Round here.

Lastly for tonight… 5×7 images of “I am a Child of God” song to print for your littles…
your primary class… or your ward primary. You could modge-podge them onto canvas or a wood block.
Crop to a 4×6 & put in a frame, etc. Oodles of ideas.
5×7 I am a Child of God Prints

a bit of Harry Potter for Halloween

I thought I’d share some free Harry Potter-ish style Quotes with y’all.
I have to admit that I gracefully bowed out in the middle of Book 4 because I kept having nightmares.
I’m a scaredy-cat.
But I have family members and friends who are huge fans of Harry Potter books.
I love great messages for youth taught in books. Enjoy!

Harry Potter Quotes

(large file – so be patient)

These are 16×20 size and will print perfectly as an 8×10.
They can be cropped to 11×14 & 5×7 with nice results.
Sorry – I was being a lazy bones and didn’t do all the sizes.

Credits: Thank you Wedding Bee for the free chalkboard download.
Fonts:  Things We Said, Lavenderia, Bebas, Indy Pimp, Eraser

Patriot’s Day

In honor of all those who live and die for our FREEDOM,
especially those who died September 11, 2001,
I am sharing a free set of AMERICA prints.
We will always remember … we will never forget.Free Download:
8×10 Patriot’s Day Prints

p.s. to show your gratitude for these freebies,
please give someone an extra hug or smile,
do something nice for someone else,
forgive or apologize,
choose to REMEMBER the sacrifice others have given for you to enjoy a life of FREEDOM.

a heads up

Just wanted to let y’all know that my etsy shop will be going on vacation for the summer starting Tuesday, May 29 (day after Memorial Day). I am excited to be spending my time outside with my 5 kiddos while the weather is nice and sunny. The shop will reopen probably in August or September. Head over and get any last minute gifts or prints.

Here’s a 5×7 Freebie print for your Memorial Day Weekend.
(click on image to view full size and then save image to your computer to be able to print)

Free Download: CHARITY quote

This quote by Marvin J. Ashton is one of my favorites. If we could live our life – full of Charity – think of how much better off we’d be.

These freebies are 8×10 and the download includes all 8 files in .jpg format.

8×10 Charity Quote

(This is a large file so it will take a while to download. Let me know if you have trouble downloading it.)

Happy Valentine’s Day.

oops – an error was found

Unfortunately there is an error on the June 2012 cards.
Fortunately, Deanna spotted it and alerted me to the error.  Thank you!!!

I’ve updated all the files in the 4×6 downloads, the calendar downloads, and the 16×20/8×10 image downloads. If you’d like the updated images you can also

So Sorry. Looks like I’ll have to see my error all year long as I’ve already printed mine. Sigh…

2012 Family Calendar

I thought I’d share something I’ve done the past few years for our family calendar. Every few years I receive a few promotional code for a Shutterfly Calendar. Love that! Free is always fun! This year a friend had a code to spare and so I got to work putting it together. I was in a bit of a rush (as it was my anniversary and all), so I sped along. This is what I came up with.

This was last year’s:

I have loved having the Primary Monthly themes on our calendar.
1. Since I look at the calendar so much, I remember to try and focus on what the kids are learning in Primary. It sure makes for a quickie FHE idea to go along with Sunday lessons.
2. I put the song for the year on the cover so it’s easily accessible when we are practicing or having a song for FHE or Morning Devotional.

I really love Shutterfly Calendars because the cardstock is very thick and durable. My kids love that I can put their photo on the date of their birthday.

Anyhoo… I thought just in case anyone else was interested in making a 2012 Primary Calendar (with their own family images), I’d share the .jpg images already set in the template for a Shutterfly Calendar (p.s. they have their calendars on ***sale*** right now). You can insert your images into the .jpg downloaded files in Picasa or use a different photo-editing software. I had fun going through all the January photos from various years and selecting my favorites… and so on for each month.

This is what you get in the download:

Zipped Folder of 8.5×11 2012 Primary Posters Calendar Pages
(with a place to insert your own family photos)

(the file is large so be patient when downloading…
you will need to unzip the folder before you can access the images)

Hop on over to Shutterfly and order your calendar before the sale ends!