Promotion at Deseret Book

You can receive a *FREE* 8×10 print by Simply Fresh Designs at Deseret Book. They have a fun & simple Promotion running this Holiday Season. All you have to do is walk into any Deseret Book in the U.S., show them on your phone screen that you like Deseret Book on Facebook, and you can select the Ruby Red ‘Love At Home’ Print for FREE

Quick – run to Deseret Book now… and while you’re there snag a print for me too… you see I don’t have a smart phone to prove I like them on Facebook. Hee-Hee!

Happy Holiday Shopping.

Christmas Freebie

A friend asked for an 8×10 of this print that I shared on my personal blog. I thought I’d share it here for y’all to enjoy. Be sure to click on the image to make it larger… then right click ‘save as…’

Last year I posted a Santa Quote, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to explain Santa to little ones.

Merry Christmas!

Credit for red polka dot paper goes to Heidi Grace Designs.

‘We Can Do Hard Things’ Freebie

The Good News: Today I’m sharing a Subway Art freebie.

The Bad News: It’s a peace-offering since I’m not going to reopen the SFD Digital Store this year.

You see… My life is full… full of good things, but I’m having to adjust and prioritize. My fun side-business has to be put on the back burner for a long while. I was asked to be the President of the Relief Society in our local church congregation a few weeks ago, which makes my life a wee bit more full.

This quote, “We Can Do Hard Things” is my new mantra. I love it! It reminds me that I can make it through hard things with my spouse, my family, my friends, and most importantly… my Heavenly Father. I know I am strengthened by Him daily. Everyone has hard things… everyone. We need each other. I even remind my 3-year-old that HE CAN DO HARD THINGS… like pulling up his pants or cleaning up his room or eating 3 bites of that nasty dinner. This quote applies to all.

16×20 & 8×10 We Can Do Hard Things

4×6 We Can Do Hard Things

5×7 We Can Do Hard Things

p.s. I do have to apologize that all the images I shared are pretty random. There is no consistent color scheme in all the sizes and on some images there is a scripture from Alma 26:12… and others, a scripture from Mark 10:27. What can I say… I’m a spaz sometimes? Hopefully you’ll find one to enjoy… and another to share with a friend.

p.p.s. 16×20 prints well in an 8×10 size… so don’t let that frighten you – the dimensions are the same. Also… for your convenience the 3×4 cards are designed to print two-up on a 4×6 print.

p.p.p.s. quiet books… the LDS Intellectual Properties department has NOT given us the go-ahead with sharing the quiet books. I’m sad… like really sad. I’m not able to email the books to anyone. Sad. Someday, if I ever have the time, I’d love to offer them with text only and share the links to images on so you can create your own. sigh…

Most of All… Remember that
WE Can Do Hard Things!

Bye-Bye Quiet Books

Update: Please see Simply Fresh Designs DropBox for Download of quiet books.

The unfortunate news for today is thus: I cannot continue to share the quiet books with content from Although I’ve tried very carefully to be honest and follow the terms of use, it appears the LDS Intellectual Property Division didn’t agree. They contacted me and said that images and text from are for individuals to create their own projects but not to distribute to others. Sharing or distributing anything I create using their images didn’t meet their terms of use, even though I wasn’t making any money.

Also, for your information, the IP Division said that printing quiet books, which contain content, through a professional print shop, such as Costco, was fine, as long as they were for immediate family only. The sharing of files with others was the violation.

Bottom line, I am having to indefinitely pull all posts and files for Quiet Books and Primary Sharing Time Monthly Themes. The LDS Church does have a process to request permission to use their content in this manner, and I plan to look into that, but I’m not holding my breath that such approval will ever come to pass.

So – for now. I apologize. I’m sad because I know thousands of you around the world enjoyed these quiet books. I feel selfish keeping them all to myself. I hope you can continue the tradition by creating your own books for your families. I’d be happy to create other quiet books in the future with original text and artwork (anyone out there want to volunteer to be the artist?!)… but we’ll see how things go after I have my baby in August.

Keep checking back for updates and new items going into the shop soon.

Valentine’s Day BINGO Game

Well… it’s not Monday. But considering we’ve had icky sickness at our house…
and potty training going on this week, it’s just better late than never.

I wanted to share this 5×7 Valentine’s BINGO game with y’all.

5×7 Valentine’s BINGO

(includes 6 .jpg playing boards, 1 .jpg game piece sheet,
plus all 5×7 images formatted in a 8.5×11 pdf document for easy home-printing)

Terms of Use: Personal Use Only. Prints are not to be resold for any type of profit.

Shabby Princess Sweetie Pie Papers
Kate Hadfield Doodles & Sweetheart Alpha

Printable Placemats

It’s been a while since we’ve celebrated Merry Monday around here. It’s time to get it going again.

I made these 12×18 Placemats years ago to help teach my children how to set the table. I printed them at Costco, laminated them, and wah-lah… waterproof placemats.

12×18 Placemats

Once you unzip the downloaded folder, you will be able to access the 12×18 .jpg images.

Terms of Use: Personal Use Only. Prints are NOT to be resold for any type of profit.

Shabby Princess Digital Scrapbook Kit (the one with the bow)
Janel Kretschman Digital Scrapbook Kits (all other placemats)

Christmas BINGO Game

The Monday before Christmas definitely deserves a freebie.
How about a Christmas BINGO game to give as neighbor gifts… or to play as a family on Christmas evening?
Free Christmas BINGO Download.  #simplyfreshdesigns
5×7 Christmas BINGO

(includes 6 .jpg playing boards, 1 .jpg game piece sheet,
plus all 5×7 images formatted in a 8.5×11 pdf document for easy home-printing)

Terms of Use: Personal Use Only. Prints are not to be resold for any type of profit.

Shabby Princess Sugar Plum Dreams Kit
Kate Hadfield Doodles
Shabby Princess Clementine Alpha

BELIEVE: James E. Faust on Santa Claus

Today’s Merry Monday freebie is a fabulous Christmas quote by James E. Faust about how the way of Santa Claus is the way of Jesus. I’ve been thinking about this topic because my 8-year-old has realized the truth about Santa. We had “the talk” and I shared this idea with her … that what is real is the Spirit of Christmas … of Christ, that is embodied in the figure of Santa. All that is good, cheerful, kind, and selfless is definitely something I BELIEVE in.

To download the 5×7 print, click on the image above to enlarge. Save it to your computer and print away. This would make a great little print to slip in a neighbor gift. Enjoy!


Background paper by Shabby Princess (Sugar Plum Dreams)
Santa image by Laurie Furnell at

Terms of Use: Personal Use Only

Christmas Freebies: Links to Subway Art, Treat Bag Toppers, and Shabby Princess

Instead of posting a freebie of my own, I wanted to share links to other darling freebies for you to enjoy.

Jennifer, Jamie, and Jodie over at are sharing this Christmas Subway Art + Banner. It is a darling holiday print as a 16×20 download. Very cheerful!

Monika at i love it all has oodles of cute downloads inlcuding these treat bag toppers and little moments prints. Click on the images to see the blog post and download links from Monika.

I’ve loved Shabby Princess designs for years.  She has several holiday (Thanksgiving and Christmas) downloads available at the Shabby Princess download page. Click on the image below to get to the dowload of her free Christmas Recipe Cards. Even if you don’t know how to digitally alter them, you can print them out and write the recipes. Handwritten items are a treasure these days!

More info is coming this week on Family Tree Prints. Sorry that it’s taking me so long to get all the details settled. Mothering 4 little ones takes a lot of my time and energy… but never fear… we’ll get it going!

Also – be sure to check out SFD on Facebook. You can get the latest Simply Fresh Designs news there… or by subscribing to the SFD blog feed.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy all your wonderful blessings.

Keep Calm and Carry On – 8×10 Freebie

I’d like to introduce ‘Merry Monday’ here on the Simply Fresh Designs blog. You’d be expecting Freebie Friday… but we need something to make Mondays a bit more fun… So – Merry Monday it is… with a freebie.

Perhaps you’ve heard the quote… Keep Calm and Carry On.

I think the history makes this quote significant:

In the Spring of 1939, with war against Germany all but inevitable, the British Government’s Ministry of Information commissioned a series of propaganda posters to be distributed throughout the country at the onset of hostilities. … The posters were intended to offer the public reassurance in the dark days which lay ahead.

The intent of the poster was to convey a message from the King to his people, to assure them that ‘all necessary measures to defend the nation were being taken’, and to stress an ‘attitude of mind’ rather than a specific aim.

At the end of August 1939 three designs went into production… The first poster, of which over a million were printed, carried a slogan suggested by a civil servant named Waterfield. Using the crowns of George VI as the only graphic device, the stark red and white poster read ‘Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution will Bring Us Victory’. … The third design, of which over 2.5 million posters were printed, simply read ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.

… The ‘Keep Calm’ posters were held in reserve, intended for use only in times of crisis or invasion. Although some may have found there way onto Government office walls, the poster was never officially issued and so remained virtually unseen by the public – unseen, that is, until a copy turned up more than fifty years later (2001) in a box of dusty old books bought in auction. (Barter Books)

The ‘Keep Calm Carry On’ image is in the public domain according to Wikipedia. So I figured I’d swap out the colors, resize to 8×10 for easy printing, and post a few options here.

Here’s a sampling of the download:

Free download:

Keep Calm and Carry On – 8×10 Freebie

Print the images just as you would a photo using a photo lab such as Costco, Sams Club, Walmart, Target, or print on your home printer. The images are 8×10 in size. Matte and frame and you’ll have a positive reminder in your home to keep a goin’ calmly!

Look out soon for more prints similar to these in the Simply Fresh Designs Shop under ‘Other Prints’.

Terms of use: Prints are for personal use only. They are not to be resold for any type of profit.

Source for Image and text: Wikipedia

Edited by Heather. If you have any questions, please contact me at