Update on Simply Fresh Designs: December 2014

My etsy shop has been closed since January (I was slammed with some major morning sickness).
We spent the summer keeping 5 kiddos busy and I spent a lot of time at doctor’s appointments for non-stress tests, etc.
Scotland Charles Smith was born August 28 and things went relatively smoothly (all things considered).
We are so grateful to have this 6th little one in our family.
Newborns throw in an added busy-ness to a family and we are still adjusting.

I was hoping to get my etsy shop open for Christmas, but sigh….
I need to continue focusing on my family and all my time (plus, all the time I don’t have) is reserved for their needs.
4x6 2014 christmas card black_lighter

BUT … the good news is that you can now download all FREE Simply Fresh Designs Items (including quiet books with images) via DropBox.. Hopefully things will be easier to access now.

Merry Christmas Friends!
Thanks for your patience with all we have going on around here!

p.s. I am hoping to sneak in some time for 2015 Primary & YW theme posters. Check back soon.
And if that doesn’t happen, check pinterest… there are oodles of darling ones shared by others.

Up… down… and all around

This is my life lately.
The digital subway art store has been up for a week. Yay!
But as of today we took the store down. Boo!

But a little thing called PREECLAMPSIA has entered my life in my 34th week of pregnancy. Hence… I’m slowing down… way down. A dear friend reminded me that it’s easier to say NO to things when you have something inside strongly saying “YES!” to other priorities… as in YES to healthy mother/baby/family. We’ll see how things go, but I’m not planning on doing much on Simply Fresh Designs until the late fall. Check back before Christmas and we’ll see if we can have a few things up and running.

Update on Quiet Books: A lot of you have asked if I can email the quiet book images to you. I’m afraid this still violates the Church’s Terms of Use (transmitting electronically). Boo! The good news is that my husband has started submitting some of the quiet books for church approval… so I’ll let y’all know how that goes when we hear back from the Intellectual Properties Department.

Bye-Bye Quiet Books

Update: Please see Simply Fresh Designs DropBox for Download of quiet books.

The unfortunate news for today is thus: I cannot continue to share the quiet books with content from lds.org. Although I’ve tried very carefully to be honest and follow the lds.org terms of use, it appears the LDS Intellectual Property Division didn’t agree. They contacted me and said that images and text from lds.org are for individuals to create their own projects but not to distribute to others. Sharing or distributing anything I create using their images didn’t meet their terms of use, even though I wasn’t making any money.

Also, for your information, the IP Division said that printing quiet books, which contain lds.org content, through a professional print shop, such as Costco, was fine, as long as they were for immediate family only. The sharing of files with others was the violation.

Bottom line, I am having to indefinitely pull all posts and files for Quiet Books and Primary Sharing Time Monthly Themes. The LDS Church does have a process to request permission to use their content in this manner, and I plan to look into that, but I’m not holding my breath that such approval will ever come to pass.

So – for now. I apologize. I’m sad because I know thousands of you around the world enjoyed these quiet books. I feel selfish keeping them all to myself. I hope you can continue the tradition by creating your own books for your families. I’d be happy to create other quiet books in the future with original text and artwork (anyone out there want to volunteer to be the artist?!)… but we’ll see how things go after I have my baby in August.

Keep checking back for updates and new items going into the shop soon.