Celebrate Freedom … America!

America Prints Digital Download - 9 in all! I love our United States of America! I love our history … the courage shown … the inspired founding fathers … the truth battled for… the freedoms supported by the Constitution.

I wanted to create some prints to celebrate America, especially to commemorate Independence Day! Let’s teach our children about WHY we LOVE the United States of America! Let’s step back and teach some of the history!

We the People Constitution Preamble! (one of my new favorites!!)
The Gettysburg Address! Map of U.S. on Stripes!
Freedom Quote!
Map of United States on Stripes!

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New in the Shop “I HEART United States” Digital Prints

I love this new collection. So bright… and fun… with so many options for color, design, etc. You pick the background, the colors, any text, solid/stripes, etc.

Want to display a collection of different places you lived. Perfect!
Want to have a wall dedicated to family vacation spots. Perfect!
Love where you live right now and want to display your favorite state. Perfect!
Want to teach your kids about geography is a fun colorful way. Perfect!

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Want to win one free Individual State digital print?!
Leave a comment on this post with the state & color scheme you’d like.
I’ll pick a winner on Saturday evening.

the story behind ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE

This week I came down with strep throat. It’s really no fun(except the popsicle part!). But the good news is that I’ve had lots of little angels watching over our family. Bless them!

While attempting to nap during the day, I turned on UP for my 2-year-old to watch in bed beside me. He’s been loving that movie lately. He watched it several times so I heard it over and over.

Remember Ellie and Carl as little kids. They connected over a statement from one of their heroes, “ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE.”As I rested, that phrase kept going through my head. I thought about how clever little Ellie was… she sure brightened up Carl’s life with her positive attitude and adventurous spirit. Even though she never made it to Paradise Falls, she knew her best adventure was life with Carl. Cute!

What a great example Ellie is of seeking out the good in life…
What if I could teach my children
to be brave enough to try new things… (like climbing to the top of a mountain… or eating a new food… or having courage to befriend someone new…)
to enjoy the ups and downs of the journey of life…
to do good for others…
to have fun and work hard…?
These are the kinds of adventures… and more… I hope for my kids.

And thus…
“ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE” was created. Head on over to our etsy shop to get your own custom copy.