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Merry Christmas!

Positive Thoughts Prompts & Coupon

You know those days when deep down you believe in the principle of optimism, but you’re having a hard time keeping thoughts, words, & tone of voice positive?! Alrighty then… welcome to my life this past week.

Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed or my emotions are all over the place, my brain has a hard time finding something positive to think or say.

This is when I need to zip over to my fridge and read some ideas for Positive Thoughts. Lame? Perhaps… but I’ll tell you, it helps! You tell yourself over and over that “There is always hope!”  or “Everything is going to be okay!” and you will start to feel it inside.

You know those days when deep down you believe in optimism, but it's hard to keep words positive! Free Download for Positive Thought Prompts to help you on your Journey to Optimism!
Download: Positive Thoughts Prompts pdf Printable
to get yourself started on the road to Positive Thoughts & Words & LIFE!
or create your own list using favorite scriptures, uplifting quotes, jokes…
whatever it is that brings a smile to your face…
peace to your mind,
and HOPE to your heart.

Let’s joyfully head into the holidays with positive thoughts.

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Clickers make great stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts, or teacher’s Christmas gifts. Clicker Giveaway!

In February 2013, I heard an inspiring message by Hilary Weeks about the Power of Positive Thoughts.
She shared the idea of “Clicking”.
“Clicking” is a way of training our minds to focus on and think about the positive.
My cute family was in the middle of the Dark Season here in Utah.
I ordered a clicker for each of us.Picture-16
The very afternoon they arrived, we had a party thinking & saying positive thoughts. Click. Click. Click.

My 8-year-old son was in the greatest need of this activity, and he had the most clicks that afternoon.
For a few weeks, we clicked and clicked and became more positive.
Of course there were UP days and DOWN days.
But overall, I believe practicing this principle of optimism has blessed our family.

This summer when we went on a week-long driving trip to Washington, we brought along a clicker.
We definitely needed positive thoughts after being in the car together for 12 hours!

I believe in Positive thoughts!…
I only wish it were easier to me to LIVE every moment of every day.
I’m pulling out my clicker again this week.
November, the month of gratitude, is a great month to rejuvenate your thoughts.
Just be sure you revisit POSITIVE THOUGHTS in the depth of winter (say … come February!)

To help on our Positive Thoughts Quest I have a Freebie to share
as well as a GIVEAWAY & a coupon code for Billion Clicks:

 Freebie has 50 3×4 cards (2-up on a 4×6 for ease of printing at photocenter… 1 for you & a friend!).
Punch a hole in the corner, use a binder ring & a ribbon to finish it off.
Attach to any clicker for an uplifting gift!
Download 3×4 Happy Thoughts Cards

The Clicker Kit contains the tools one would need to begin clicking –
a clicker, wristband,
Think Happy Be Happy sticker,
Blank sticker (to create your own design)
and an inspiring (& darling!) booklet explaining the concept of clicking!
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Clickers make great stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts, teacher’s Christmas gifts.
I’m so excited to give these to the principal & teachers at the school! (Shhhh, don’t tell!)

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This post is part of a blog campaign with Billion,
but all opinions are my own… and boy-howdy do I believe in the Power of Positive Thoughts!
Email me with any questions!

Glow-in-the-dark Sticks & Necklace

Glow In the Dark Sticks & Necklaces

I placed a group order for folks in my neighborhood for these Emergency Preparedness Glow-In-the-Dark Sticks & Necklaces. I have a few leftover that I want to share with you! Each green stick (embedded with a ‘Choose the Right & Shine Bright’ custom Sticker) is 4″ long and is $5. The ice Blue necklace is also $5. You can pay via PayPal and when you do, you’ll be charged $3 per order for shipping.

These are perfect for 72-hour kits, stocking stuffers, trick-or-treating, winter-time fort fun for kids. Every night ‘energize’ the stick/necklace by a lightbulb or flashlight and it will glow all night long. Reusable! My 4-year-old loves to sleep with his stick as a comfort light.

Update: I have 29 glow sticks available. I’ll have a new shopping cart up soon at a lower price. ~ Email with any questions.

Leadership in the Home

I wanted to share with y’all a really neat idea for Family Home Evening in your home. My cute dad (a.k.a. Gerald Price) has been working on a Leadership in the Home class through Ricks College, BYU-Idaho, LDS Business College, and now wants to spread the word to FAMILIES!
Iron Rod Leadership
Iron Rod Leadership is a set of lesson video series that you can use to teach simple principles and doctrines using the words of Latter-day Prophets. There are 30 different lessons that are available free to view on his website Iron Rod Leadership. From topics like ‘Becoming Christlike,’ Love, Agency, and Faith to Doctrine of the Priesthood, Peace, and Fasting, a variety of topics are covered that I know will bless your family. Go visit Iron Rod Leadership today and get started on a new adventure sharing gospel principles and doctrines with your family in an inspiring and new way!

Back from Vacation

Hello Folks…

Just wanted to let you know I’ve reopened my etsy shop after my summer vacation.

Simply Fresh has been having technical difficulties due to busier-than-normal traffic.  Give it a few days for traffic to settle down and all the downloads should work for you.  If it is going extra slow, know it is the server through the host company, come back in a few hours to retry.  It will be worth the wait.  🙂

So sorry!  We are doing all we can to get things switched to a faster server.

Create a Family Emergency Plan

FREE PRINTABLES to create a Family Emergency Plan Binder

A few months ago I was asked to do a Sharing Station Booth at BYU Women’s Conference. My topic: Creating a Family Emergency Plan. We were Booth #17.

I asked two fabulous and willing friends to assist. Thanks Sara & Wendy! We spent 100+ hours planning, researching, and gathering emergency supplies to share ideas with others. The best part was that we were able to greater prepare our families for disasters, etc. BONUS!

FREE PRINTABLES to create a Family Emergency Plan Binder

Our favorite projects were the Family Emergency Plan Binder which included the Grab-N-Go Lists (think… if we had 5 minutes to evacuate our home, what would we take? 15 min? 1 hr?) I also love the Family Home Evening Resources which help educate children. “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” D&C 38:30
FREE PRINTABLES to create a Family Emergency Plan Binder

A Sample of a page from the binder handouts to show what is included. Of course, only the cover sheets are provided. You need to supply the birth certificates and personal information.
FREE PRINTABLES to create a Family Emergency Plan Binder

12×36 Banner to hang in garage by Emergency Supplies.
FREE PRINTABLES to create a Family Emergency Plan Binder

Yay! My Family is more prepared.
FREE PRINTABLES to create a Family Emergency Plan Binder

Want to create your own family emergency plan binder?
FREE PRINTABLES to create a Family Emergency Plan Binder

You can find all of these printables on BYU Women’s Conference 2013 – Sharing Stations site. (sidenote: Handout #10 was meant to be included as a word doc so you can edit the lists. For some reason Women’s Conference did it as a pdf. Download editable Handout 10 RIGHT HERE PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY HANDOUT 10 AND NOT ALL 11. THANKS!)

A Few Ideas:
– Make a binder to give as a wedding present … get those young couples started in the right direction.

– A family emergency binder makes a great Christmas Present for children or grandchildren.

– Church group activity. Get the women together for a Super Saturday Activity to create binders. They are inexpensive and easy to do. All you need is a 1″ or 1 1/2″ binder, page protectors, dividers, the free printables including binder cover. We estimate it to cost about $6 depending on the deal you get on the binder & protectors.

NOW – Go Forth and Prepare NOW. Your Family Deserves a Plan! Baby Steps… You can do it.

Lego Patterns

IMG_1014-webWe are heading on a long road trip this summer and I knew that my boys would do much better in the car and at the hotel if they had legos to play with in their spare time. I saw some travel lego boxes made of wooden boxes with hinges (most of which seemed to break soon after). We were after a cheaper alternative that would last.

We found the Sterilite Boxes for $2.27 at Hobby Lobby. Bought the 10″ lego plates on Amazon for $5. Cut them in fourths and glued them with E-6000 on the top and the inside lid (wow – double-sided). So – total price for one box = just under $6 (only $4 one-sided… I just happened to have the extras).

Anyhoo… I’m not a crafty tutorial expert, but I think the boys will be happy. Did you know that the duplo blocks fit on the mini lego plates? Bonus!

Last year I made some Lego Pattern images for my 3-year-old. I’m just barely getting them put together so he can actually use them. Perfect surprise for our car trip.

Thought I’d share the 4×6 Lego Patterns. There are 14 included.


Download 4×6 Lego Patterns

Spelling Lists

Click here for free printable Spelling Lists of sight words, grade-level spelling bee words, and some spelling tips for elementary school children.

This summer, we’re going a different route with ‘brain work’ for the kids. My oldest requested a math workbook and that’s all. We’re doing a few book reports. Reading non-fiction encyclopedia-type books that the kids are interested.

My newest idea was to work on very basic spelling for each child. My oldest two children are going into 5th & 4th grade. They have both been in the top spelling group in their classes. They come home with spelling words that even I struggle to use in normal every-day sentences… yet, they misspell common words in their writing. I thought we’d focus on the basics.

I searched online for the top 100 Misspelled words (misspelled happens to be one of those!). I also came across Grade-level words & Spelling Bee words. These aren’t going to give the kids headaches and put a sour-puss look on their face. But hopefully they will review the very basics. I also have a soon-to-be-Kindergartener who is working on sight words so I included Dolch’s lists for him.

We are going on a long road trip this summer. I think a Spelling Bee might be thrown into the mix of car activities. My 9-year-old is very excited (or not! … in fact he said, “Mom, why are you spending so much time doing those? It’s going to be a waste.” Yes, he loves spelling that much)

I figured since I put this together for my family, there might be someone else out there who would want the lists. I typed the resource for each list on the top of the page. Included are 16 half pages to print. I am laminating and putting a binder ring in the top. We can separate pages for each child or keep them together for mom to have in the front for those joyful Spelling Bee quizes. What fun!

Here’s a few samples of the pages:
Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 3.01.47 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 3.01.29 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 3.01.19 PM


Half Sheet Spelling Lists PDF

JOY Manifesto Printable

I came across a wonderful quote on
With their permission, I am sharing my version of their Jr. Joy Team Manifesto.
This is a great print to share with children of all ages
to remind them that they are in charge of their own happiness.
It is full of positive affirmations that uplift and strengthen.
It encourages CHOOSING to find good in everything around you.

Joy Manifesto shared by Simply Fresh Designs & theJOYteam.orgTo spread the JOY, Download here:
Jr. Joy Manifesto Printable
shared by Simply Fresh Designs

Download includes:
16×20 / 8×10  .jpg & pdf
4×6 .jpg & pdf

Encouragement for today:  Share Joy by being positive & grateful!