Just wanted to give y’all a heads up that at midnight tonight, Friday, March 9, my etsy shop will be set to vacation mode for 2 weeks.

No – I’m not going somewhere fantastic like Hawaii or Australia.  My dad is having a triple by-pass surgery on Tuesday (please pray for him!).  And my house needs some spring cleaning.

Be sure to get those last-minute orders in by midnight tonight.

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Free Download: CHARITY quote

This quote by Marvin J. Ashton is one of my favorites. If we could live our life – full of Charity – think of how much better off we’d be.

These freebies are 8×10 and the download includes all 8 files in .jpg format.

8×10 Charity Quote

(This is a large file so it will take a while to download. Let me know if you have trouble downloading it.)

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Special

Today we have a fantastic deal for Valentine’s Day. $2 for 20 digital files (that’s 10 cents each!!)
of ‘You Make My Heart Happy’ found in the etsy shop.

This is who makes my heart happy. My fam!

My little Zu-Zu makes me extra happy as she is extra snuggly this week since she is cutting teeth.

Since you have endured me talking about my family and made it this far, please enjoy this nice coupon to the etsy shop. 10% everything until Valentine’s Day. Enter code LOVE10 at checkout.

Quiet Book: Apostles & Prophets

Update: Please see Simply Fresh Designs DropBox for Download of quiet books.

Many of you have asked about this Apostles & Prophets quiet book without the images. Today is your day!

A Sample of My book so you can see the potential of the templates:

This is what comes in the download:

4×6 Apostles & Prophets Quiet Book without images

(This is a large file so it will take a while to download. Let me know if you have trouble downloading it.)

Links to Pictures of Prophet & Apostles:

For pictures of Prophet/Apostles as boys:
October 2002 Friend Magazine

Friend – October 2006 Page 13 & 14

Guess Who: Special Witness (throughout the Friend)

Terms of Use: Personal & Church Use only

Good Luck & Happy Scrapbooking.(& you didn’t think you were a scrapbooker!)

p.s. Many have asked about a tutorial on inserting the images. I found a great tutorial using Picasa (free program through google) by Clover Lane.

The Family: A Proclamation to the World & Articles of Faith

New in the SFD etsy shop.

The Family – A Proclamation to the World … in it’s entirety … a great piece of art.
Read by President Gordon B. Hinckley as part of his message at the General Relief Society Meeting. September 23, 1995.

Articles of Faith: Thirteen statements describing the fundamental beliefs of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I already printed The Family: A Proclamation to the World in 16×20 size. I’m excited about hanging photos in a new wall collage of the temple, our wedding, our family working, playing, praying, etc.

Want both prints? Go for the Discount. You save 20% when you purchase from this listing.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Los Articulos de Fe *Freebie*

Today’s Freebie:
The Articles of Faith in Spanish
Los Articulos de Fe

This is what comes in the download link below:
8×10 size, 4×6 size, and 3×4 size (perfect size to put on a ring for a scripture bag for kids)
(as well as the 3×4 2-up on a 4×6 for ease of printing at a professional print shop)

Download all:
Los Articulos de Fe

(This is a large file so it will take a while to download. Let me know if you have trouble downloading it.)

Even though most of my family doesn’t speak Spanish (myself included), I am going to put the 4×6 images side-by-side with the English version so that it will help my children become familiar with more Spanish words.

Terms of Use: Personal Use only

I Believe in Christ – Creo en Cristo Freebie

Thought I’d share a freebie tonight: “I Believe in Christ” print in English and Spanish. It’s such a simple yet powerful message.

8×10 I Believe in Christ images
8×10 Creo en Cristo images

Terms of Use: Personal Use… do not resell.

More LDS Art in Spanish – Arte SUD

I’ve added a few of your ideas in the etsy shop. Thanks for all who suggested phrases. I’ve contacted the commentors who received a free digital print. Thanks so much for your support. Feel free to send more ideas my way and I’ll try to get new prints designed. Let me know if you have any questions… or suggestions.


Winner of “I Heart States” told me that Nicole #13 Commentor wins a free United States Digital Print.

Thanks everyone for your support. Nicole, email me at and let me know what size you’d like.