Family Tree Prints: A Sampling

You may have noticed the Family Tree tab in the menu. This is where you’ll find custom Family Tree Prints. I’m still working out the details, finishing touches, pricing, etc., with the Family Tree Prints. But I’m just so excited about them and wanted to share this sampling. They are definitely one-of-a-kind. We’ll have custom sizing, colors, and fonts, but this gives you an idea of what we’ll be offering.

What kinds of things would you like to see included? Please share your ideas.

Now!!! – GATHER those fabulous family history photos so you can get going on these priceless Christmas Presents for children, parents, grandparents, and extended family.

I’ll let you know here on the bloggie when we have them up in the shop.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, contact me or email

Keep Calm and Carry On – 8×10 Freebie

I’d like to introduce ‘Merry Monday’ here on the Simply Fresh Designs blog. You’d be expecting Freebie Friday… but we need something to make Mondays a bit more fun… So – Merry Monday it is… with a freebie.

Perhaps you’ve heard the quote… Keep Calm and Carry On.

I think the history makes this quote significant:

In the Spring of 1939, with war against Germany all but inevitable, the British Government’s Ministry of Information commissioned a series of propaganda posters to be distributed throughout the country at the onset of hostilities. … The posters were intended to offer the public reassurance in the dark days which lay ahead.

The intent of the poster was to convey a message from the King to his people, to assure them that ‘all necessary measures to defend the nation were being taken’, and to stress an ‘attitude of mind’ rather than a specific aim.

At the end of August 1939 three designs went into production… The first poster, of which over a million were printed, carried a slogan suggested by a civil servant named Waterfield. Using the crowns of George VI as the only graphic device, the stark red and white poster read ‘Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution will Bring Us Victory’. … The third design, of which over 2.5 million posters were printed, simply read ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.

… The ‘Keep Calm’ posters were held in reserve, intended for use only in times of crisis or invasion. Although some may have found there way onto Government office walls, the poster was never officially issued and so remained virtually unseen by the public – unseen, that is, until a copy turned up more than fifty years later (2001) in a box of dusty old books bought in auction. (Barter Books)

The ‘Keep Calm Carry On’ image is in the public domain according to Wikipedia. So I figured I’d swap out the colors, resize to 8×10 for easy printing, and post a few options here.

Here’s a sampling of the download:

Free download:

Keep Calm and Carry On – 8×10 Freebie

Print the images just as you would a photo using a photo lab such as Costco, Sams Club, Walmart, Target, or print on your home printer. The images are 8×10 in size. Matte and frame and you’ll have a positive reminder in your home to keep a goin’ calmly!

Look out soon for more prints similar to these in the Simply Fresh Designs Shop under ‘Other Prints’.

Terms of use: Prints are for personal use only. They are not to be resold for any type of profit.

Source for Image and text: Wikipedia

Edited by Heather. If you have any questions, please contact me at

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