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Two of my kiddos needed another jump-start on healthy eating. Spring is the perfect time for this as more and more fresh fruits and available at a great price. My son specifically asked for a chart with 8 cups of water on it! He hates drinking water, so I jumped on it to add any encouragement for him to drink more fluids.Healthy Eating Charts - Simply Fresh

Besides increasing our water intake, another thing we are doing to eat healthy is to replace crackers and cereal snacks with fresh or freeze-dried fruits and veggies. Fresh is amazing, but I don’t always keep it stocked up and prepared for on-the-go snacks.fruit-num-num

Right now, until March 21 is one of the best sales for Thrive Foods. March Madness is going on and everything is on sale up to 50%. You can order on this sale (while supplies last!!) until March 21.


Some of our favorites (we’re newbies at this or I know we’d have more favs!):
Sliced Strawberries
Apple Slices

I’m excited to try (upon recommendations from friends):
Instant Milk (best instant milk out there people!)
Freeze-dried Yogurt bites
Coconut Snackies

They have:
big cans (#10 food storage size) …
pantry cans (if you want just a little to try) …
or Snackies size (for on-the-go).

One of my favorite ideas Thrive has is the Q.
This is an automated shopping Queue that helps you stock up on food storage a little at a time.
So if you set your budget to $50+/month, it will add items from your queue to send each month set on that budget.
You can plan ahead and edit the lists, but it’s a good way to stay on top of food storage needs.
Sure, it would be nice to spend $2,000 on a bunch of food storage, but in my world, that’s not going to happen.
Little by Little.
SIMPLE stocking up.

Here’s to Healthy Eating this Springtime!

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